So you’ve got a date. That’s great! But you’ve got to get ready. That’s… not so great. But it could be! There’s no rule saying that getting ready for a date has to be a hectic, stressful experience. If you want to feel pampered like a queen, you can do it easily, with these simple tips!

Take a Nice Bath

Though a shower might be faster, if you’re wanting to get pampered before your big night out, a bath is definitely what you need. But it shouldn’t be just any kind of bath:  You want a luxurious, wonderful one. So, how can you go about getting one of those? It’s not hard! Try adding some bubbles, for one. Who doesn’t like a bubble bath? A few drops of fragrant oil can get you feeling like a princess, too. Had a long day, and feeling sore? Epsom salts feel great on tired muscles, and will revitalize you for your date.

Change Up Your Hairstyle

What works for work might not be so good for a night out on the town. Instead of going with your standard day look, switch it up a bit. If you normally wear your hair down while at work, try an updo. If you’re a ponytail kind of girl, try something a little more sophisticated. Keep in mind where you’re going, though; a French twist doesn’t work very well with a dive bar, and pigtails aren’t a good choice if you’re headed to a fancy restaurant. Whatever you choose, just make it different!

Try Some Shimmer On Your Body

Makeup shouldn’t stop at just your face: the rest of your body can benefit from a little bit of cosmetic alteration, too. Adding a little sparkle at places you want to catch attention is simple and easy. Not to mention that it’s a fun, playful look! All that you have to do is use a bit of shimmery powder or lotion on the area. A great place to do that would be over your collarbones, or down over your bust, if you’re wearing a low-cut top or dress. Just don’t add too much:  You don’t want to jump into stripper territory.

Touch Up Your Nails

Take a quick look at your nails. Is the polish holding up? Will it make it through the night? If you’re concerned, now is the time to do some touch-ups. For French manicures, the worst fear is that the white chips. That can be fixed quickly and easily! Using either white nail polish or liquid paper, cover the chip. After it dries, give your nails a once-over with a top coat. Your nail polish looking drab and dull? Another good reason for an added top coat! If you don’t wear any nail polish, a quick brush with a top coat gives your nails a healthy look.

Fix Oily Skin…

Oily skin is a problem. It doesn’t look good, it doesn’t feel good, and it can absolutely ruin makeup. What’s a girl to do? Why, get rid of the slimy stuff, of course! To start with, you should blot away the oil on the surface. There are oil blotting strips available that make this a cinch. But what if you don’t have any? No problem! Use a coffee filter, instead. Afterwards, when putting on your makeup, add some translucent powder to your face in the T-zone, where oil is most likely to show up. Do this before adding your normal face powder. It’ll keep the oil in check!

… And Fix Oily Hair

But skin isn’t the only place that can have an oil problem. Hair can have this greasy problem, too, and nobody likes greasy hair. There are a few ways that you can solve this problem that don’t involve washing it until it’s the consistency of straw, and these can be done quickly before your date arrives. First, try blotting it with oil strips (or, as mentioned above, a coffee filter) just like you would your face; that should help mild oiliness. If that doesn’t work, go for some dry shampoo. Out of ideas? Sprinkle some baby powder or an asian rice flour (which is very finely milled and is very different from our usual wheat flour) into a brush, brush it through your hair, then rinse.

Use a Lip Stain and Lipstick

For some, the lipstick makes the look. It can transform you from a playful, happy sprite to a seductive, mysterious vixen. But, if the night progresses and it begins to wear, you’ll be left looking like a “Sally just got off from working a double and needs coffee”. And nobody wants that. Instead, you should take some steps to making sure that your lipstick lasts the night. The best way to do it? Combine it with lip stain! Stains are designed to stay on longer, prolonging your look. So, before applying lipstick, apply a stain in roughly the same color. Then, apply lipstick.

Soak Your Hands

You’re on a date, so let’s go out on a limb and say that there will likely be some hand-holding involved. But take a look at your hands. Are they dry? Cracked? Chapped? You want your hands to be soft and pretty for when your date’s holding them. The trick to getting your hands soft? Coconut oil water! Yes, it can help to soften your hands. Put some warm water in a bowl, add a few tablespoons of coconut oil, mix it up, and then soak your hands for a while.

Spray Perfume in the Right Places

Perfume is a wonderful way to add a little extra to your ensemble. But how should you spray it? The trick here is to spray it in certain places that you want to smell nice. Start with a spritz in your hair, one on your neck, and one on each wrist. Don’t rub your wrists together! It can cause the perfume to fade more quickly.

Now, you should be ready for your date. The tips that you’ve taken will make sure that you feel pampered like a queen, and gorgeous enough to have the time of your life with that special someone.

Stay beautiful!