We all want to look beautiful, but not all of us are prepared to put in the effort. So rather than waking up looking like a super model as we’d prefer, we wake up looking tired, distressed, and OMG WHAT ARE THOSE DARK CIRCLES DOING THERE!

When it’s time to hit the sack after another long day at work, the last thing we feel like doing is making the effort to look good the next day.

“I’ll fix my face in the morning,” we groan before flopping face down on the pillow, smearing our make-up.

Beautiful girls don’t do this. They don’t put off until tomorrow what can be done today. They put the effort in each night to make sure they take care of their health, their youth and their looks.

If you’re ready to look after your beauty by putting the effort in, here are 10 things beautiful girls do each evening.

They Take Off Their Make-Up

Ladies, we’ve all gone to bed wearing out make-up at least once in our lives. Especially after a night on the town, getting under the duvet with our masks on is just too tempting.

But it’s actually a really bad thing to do. You might not think it’s much of a big issue – but it is.

If you sleep in your make-up, you’re increasing the chances that your face is going to breakout in spots. Why? Because beauty products, when left on too long, will clog your pores.

There is another good reason to remove your make-up: If you leave it on, you’re basically going to bed with a face full of bacteria.

Not nice.

They Sleep On Two Pillows

If you’ve been sleeping on just one pillow all this time, it’s time to prop your head up with a second pillow. Why? Because this will help to prevent puffiness.

When you’re lying in bed, gravity can help with blood and lymph floor – but only if you let it. If you sleep with just one pillow, your eyes and face might develop fluids that leave you looking puffy for tomorrow’s date.

They Brush Their Teeth

We know, we know. You brush your teeth in the morning, once in the early evening and sometimes you brush them before bed.

But sometimes you skip a bedtime brush because your teeth actually feel alright. And anyway, you’ll brush them as soon as you wake up. So where’s the harm?

Not brushing your teeth at night means you’re going to bed with a mouth full of bacteria that clings to your teeth – and sticks there. Plaque forms, and eventually so does tartar. This can lead to gum disease, halitosis – and even heart disease.

Beautiful girls brush every single night, and they floss too.

They Do A Spot Treatment

Beautiful girls use a purifying mask to do a spot treatment in the evenings. In this way, they are targeting acne and preventing nasty breakouts.

They Moisturise

Beautiful girls don’t just moisturise here and there. Instead, they moisturise their whole body.

I do this myself. I put lotion all over my body each evening, and when I sleep the products soaks into my skin and does its thing, giving me a gloss, a shine and keeping my looking youthful and healthy.

If you don’t moisturise, you could end up with dry skin that turns hard and itches. This can stop you from having a sound night’s sleep, and it can also damage your self confidence.

They Sleep With A Humidifier

An air humidifier is well worth investing in if you want to stay looking young, beautiful and healthy. Beautiful ladies combine them with a barrier repair moisturiser, with the humidifier making your skin resistant to allergens and irritants.

Air humidifier’s also hydrate your skin overnight, preventing it from dying out and meaning tha you don’t have to moisturise the next day.

Humidifier’s can be noisy, so if you’re sharing a room it’s polite to ask for permission first.

They Wear Their Hair Down

Do you think it’s better to wear your hair down or hold it back when you sleep? If you answered the latter, we need to talk.

Holding your hair back is not a clever idea because the elastics will tear as you move around in bed, and this can harm your lovely but fragile tresses.

Worse still, you could easily wake up with tangles which are not cool at all (which you already know).

They Use Toners

Each night, beautiful girls use a toner to tone up their face. A toner makes your skin more resistant to micro-organisms and bacteria, and it resorts your face’s natural pH levels.

It also rides your face of pollution, dust and any other type of impurity.

They Don’t Wear Socks

Okay, sometimes your feet might get cold as you slip into bed at night. This is normal. But girls who want to hold onto their beauty know that some sacrifices have to be made. And going to bed without socks is one of them.

Socks in bed is cozy and they can help you to get settled. But they can also cause your feet to sweat, and sweaty feet is a breeding ground for bacteria and fungal growth.

Sometimes, it does get really cold at night but it’s important that you stay strong on this one.

They Get Lots Of Sleep!

“I’ll sleep when I’m dead!”

If you’ve overworked, you’ve probably used the above phrase. Maybe you’re the first one in the office and the last to leave. And before heading home, you hit the gym first. By the time you finally do crawl into bed it’s almost 1am and your alarm goes off at 6am.

Although living a fast-paced life can be exciting, it shouldn’t be a part of any girls beauty regime. Beautiful girls put their beauty first, and as such they make sure to get at least eight hours of sleep each night.

Lack of sleep can be the reason we develop dark circles around our eyes, and it can even leave us looking pale and weary.

Stay beautiful!