Nobody wants to look like they just woke up in the morning and ran out the door without looking in the mirror. You want to look like you put time and effort into looking nice. You want to go out and be confident that when people stare at you, the only thing that would come to your mind is that they are appreciating your dressing and look. You don’t want to have a stereotyped look and a predictable dressing style. It feels good when people look forward to seeing you and not knowing how you would look but so sure that you would look good. People who experience all these don’t only exist in the movies, or celebrity world. You can be this kind of person if you do the right things. My main focus is on women who wish to experience all I described and even more. I tag these women THE ‘FASHION-FORWARD’ WOMEN.


Being a fashion-forward woman is not farfetched like I noted earlier. I believe by the time you have read the whole of this article, you would be on your way to becoming this kind of woman. Here are some tips for you to be a fashion-forward woman:


Decide on your look. Do you prefer bright colors, or a more natural look? What kind of look do you picture a ‘better you’ having, because, yes, you are already on the way towards becoming a better you.



Clean out your closet. If you cannot be 100% objective, ask a friend to help. You need to keep only the clothing that makes you look great. Although that t-shirt is super soft, if it doesn’t look good on you, it needs to go. If it isn’t in your closet, you won’t be tempted to wear it. If it doesn’t fit your style, you should decide if it is worth it to keep.



Decide on what jewelry you need. While earrings always look nice, you (or your parents) might not be comfortable getting your ears pierced. Stay away from piercings anywhere else, but if you do like to use them, don’t have more than two holes in your ears. Necklaces and bracelets are great, but don’t overkill with too many of them.


Decide what you need more of. Do you have ten tank tops, but only 1 pair of jeans? Or are you short on everything? It may be helpful to make a list, so you can stay on track, and not come home and realize you have twenty tank tops. Keeping in mind that what you need will vary by age and location.


Go shopping. It may be fun to bring a friend. Go to the mall, or wherever you get your clothes from. Find the clothes that you need, and fit your style. You should also get whatever jewelry you decided you want. Because you should have a lot of the stuff you need already, it shouldn’t cost too much, and your parents may help pay.


Plan Ahead. Only the truly gifted fashionista can throw together a perfect-ten outfit in a few minutes. Otherwise, the looks that impress you on the street have probably been plucked the night before. Getting into this habit allows you time to make a good match and try your look on in front of the mirror to ensure that it works. You can walk out in the morning knowing that you look great!


Be Inspired. Perhaps you’re looking into your closet and only seeing the same old, same old. No need to go on a shopping spree to enhance your look: just check out places like Pinterest, Instagram or your favorite fashion magazine(one of mine is African Style Magazine, you could check it out) for inspiration. You can probably find similar pieces in your own closet to recreate your favorite looks.


Weather the Weather. Unless you live in relentlessly sunny Southern California, it’s imperative that you check the weather each morning before you leave the house. You don’t want to be trouncing around in the sun in your rain boots, and you certainly don’t want to be shivering in the snow because you forgot your gloves and scarf. Again, planning is key!


Listen to Your Alarm. How many mornings each week do you find yourself pressing the snooze button? Those extra Zs don’t do much to help you in your quest for fashionability; hopping out of bed at the right time will give you all of the time you need to put on your outfit, spruce up your hair, swipe on some make-up and even add an accessory or two to polish off your look.


Shop Everywhere. You might think that a well-dressed woman is only wearing designer labels, but that’s usually not the case… unless she’s a celebrity. Otherwise, the stylish women you see on the streets often piece together outfits from all kinds of places: department stores, discount retailers, chain stores at the mall, vintage and consignment shops, and, yes, of course, designer boutiques. Don’t limit yourself to the latter if you want the same effortless style!


If the Blazer Fits……Buy it! And, if it almost fits, don’t buy it — or take it to a tailor if you have to have it. The best-dressed woman in the room is probably rocking clothes that fit her perfectly. It’s amazing what proper fits can do to flatter your frame. Invest in fitted staple garments like polo and knit t-shirts so that you can flaunt your own features.


Pay Attention to What’s Underneath, Too. Your undergarments are your fashion foundation. Yes, that might sound crazy, but it’s true: a pair of underwear with visible elastic or a bra that doesn’t give you enough of a boost can cause a good look to lose its luster. When planning out your look of the day, make sure to select the proper undergarments to go with it. This might mean investing in some new seamless underwear or bras, but consider it an investment that you’ll benefit from regularly.


Call on the Classics. There’s a time and place for trends, and the fashion-forward woman is aware of this. However, she doesn’t waste much time or energy on revamping her wardrobe with each runway season. Instead, she most likely has a set of classic wardrobe staples that never go out of style. Then, she buys a few key trend pieces to spruce up her pre-existing canvas of clothes.


Choose Your Statement Piece Wisely. Whether it’s a bright-pink blazer or a set of turquoise chandelier earrings, your statement piece will be what draws eyes onto your outfit. To make sure that you look your best, make sure your statement piece is something that looks like it’s of high quality. You don’t have to spend a ton of money or buy something from a name-brand shop; just avoid relying on a statement piece that’s saying the wrong thing about your wardrobe.


Relax the Right Way. Fashion-forward women treat their garments with respect. That’s why they probably change as soon as they get home from work or play. This keeps their high-quality clothes in good shape. There’s no need to lounge around in an expensive pair of trousers or a dress that wrinkles easily; save on dry cleaning costs and slip on a pair of pajamas.


Heed Label Warnings. Do all you can to take excellent care of the clothes in your closet. Read and follow the care instructions that come with your garments. If this means dry cleaning, so be it. You’ll be happier in the long run when you have a more robust closet full of items that look as good as new.


Treat Your Feet. Most pages in a fashion magazine flaunt the newest, craziest and highest heels. Fortunately, not everyone wants to look as though she’s just stepped away from shooting a high-fashion editorial spread. Only wear heels when you need to. Flats can be just as snazzy, and they probably keep your feet a lot more comfortable as you power-walk to meetings, pick up the kids from school, or head out for a casual dinner with friends.


Stand Tall. Want to really sell your new fashionable persona? Stand up straight and give us your best posture! When you stand up straight and tall, you look taller and clothes hang better from your elongated frame. You’ll probably exude more confidence, too, which will only further convince people of your new status as fearless fashionista.


Be an Original

It’s easy to get caught up in the fashion world when you set out to update your wardrobe, but don’t let it consume you. Fashion magazines and fashion bloggers alike will provide you with all of the information you need to find an exact outfit that has been featured.


It might seem like a great idea to run out and scoop up everything that the model’s wearing in order to replicate a look that you love. Be careful, though, as what you see might not flatter your body type or fit into your budget.


The most important thing a fashion-forward woman does is to take trends and make them her own. She knows what looks good on her body and she knows how to adapt what’s in with what works. Find your own assets, flaunt them, and incorporate a little bit of what’s hot on the shelves and voila: other ladies will soon be looking to you for a bit of fashion inspiration.


Now, get out there — you look fabulous as you are.  You can join the team #fashionforwardwomen on instagram, check the author’s desk for information about her Instagram handle.



Fatoye Joy is 300level law student of University of Ilorin. She writes articles for fashion magazines. She is a model and an usher. She also does private tutoring of primary school pupils and secondary school students. She loves listening to music, reading novels and cooking. She is a Christian who loves God.


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