3. Use your most-worn pieces as the starting point.

Your trying to imitate others does not mean you should get a complete wardrobe revamp. Even if you arent all too happy with the state of your wardrobe right now, chances are you own at least a couple of individual pieces that you do like.

An easy, fail-proof way to start upgrading your wardrobe and how you dress is to use those pieces as the starting point. Heres how:

As a first step, figure out what separates your favourites from the rest of your clothes, i.e. why you wear them more often. Think colours, fabric, fit/silhouette, overall style and details

Again, make sure you are precise at this point. Instead of settling at I like that pair of pants because its comfortable and has a nice fit, find out what exact feature of the piece makes it so comfortable and well-fitting. The all-natural material, the high waist, the thicker fabric?

Once you have defined what you like about your favourite pieces, youll be left with a detailed list of things that are all your style and that you can use a guide while out shopping for clothes to imitate the styles you like. Since you have been wearing all of those things for a while already, there is a much lower risk that youll buy something that will end up un-worn at the back of your closet. Doing all these will help you to “shop smarter”.


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