The world today has evolved itself beyond the era of condemning what we once tagged colour riot. Fashion trends has scaled from using quite a few range of colours to a whole lot of multicolours being attached to clothes and accessories and for that, a person can only be said to be in a riot of colours if there happens to be no blend or match as to what is worn.

Wearing a plain-coloured outfit to places and events can be so cool especially when the colours worn are quite bright and attractive. But what truly brings out the beauty of plain outfits is the touch of a colourful accessory tagged alongside. On one of the red carpets a few weeks ago, seeing from a distance how the paparazzi took photos of people who graced the event, I noticed how the flashes of light barely left the lady who happened to have robbed them of their attention. All she did was put herself in a white off-the-shoulder necklines gown and a dark three-inches cover top shoe. She didn’t forget to wrap one wrist with a bangle or two and the other with a hand-made colourful bead and also hold firmly, her small purse that was laced with a red ankara fabric. She looked quite simple, simple enough to snatch attention. And come to think of it, that’s what fashion is all about; bringing out sophistication through simplicity.

Beyond plain-coloured outfit, a robe of muticolours doesn’t seem like a bad idea either. Everybody loves looking good, and if a multicoloured outfit can do the magic, then that’s the outfit to settle for.

Multicoloured outfits, on the other hand, has more loopholes, setbacks than plains because even though less attention is being paid to putting on a riot of colours, one might end up becoming depressed while trying to dress to impress. In a cultural event some months back, a gentleman wore an outfit consisting of about five colours- with blue, brown, black, red and white being the constituents. It wasn’t a riot of colours, it was a multicoloured outfit. He had blended them well enough to match one onto the other. And that’s the beauty of today’s fashion. The ultimate blend.

Colours worry more and matter less in this era. People get too worried when they can’t blend-in the perfect colours for the right outfit. Everyone wants to be in the trendy; that’s the new best thing, but not everyone can. Not everyone can, with ease, make the top match the bag and the bag match the shoes; or make the tie match the belt and the belt match the shoes. This could give you a headache and a headache is what nobody wants when it comes to looking simple, sophisticated or blending in with the trend. No one wants to look odd in the crowd for the wrong reasons but with the perfect outfit and the right look, everyone wants to be in the new best thing, the trendy.

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