How to Look Flawless On Your Wedding Day: Best Tips and Advice

How to Look Flawless On Your Wedding Day: Best Tips and Advice

This video is not only for brides to be but for anyone who is interested in looking flawless that is, looking their best. I give tips on how to take your of your body, inside and out, what you need to be doing 6months to your wedding, 2 weeks to your wedding and the day before your wedding/wedding day! i hope you enjoy this video, it is a bit long, but worth every minute!! See summary below:

6 months to your wedding
1. Create a healthy eating plan – Cut out foods high in sugar, fat and salt instead introduce slow release carbohydrate, vegetables and fruits to your diet. Allow yourself a cheat meal a week where you can enjoy your favourite unhealthy meals
2. Create an effective work out routine: You want to do a mix of cardio and weights. Aim for atleast 30minutes for 3 -4 sessions a week
3. Drink a lot of water: Water not only flushes out the toxins in the body but it also helps hydrate our skin and keep it healthy
4. Skincare routine- You want to research the best products for you by walking into a beauty store or watching Youtube beauty videos. Wash your face twice daily and exfoliate once or twice a week. Also use a very good moisturizer
6. Think about what kind of look you want for your wedding. Download Pinterest to help give you inspiration and also instagram
7. When you are sure what look you want go for dress fittings and makeup and hair trials. You cannot be sure a look will suit you unless you try it on

2 weeks before the wedding
– Go completely clean with your diet
– Quit alcohol
– Schedule in all your beauty treatments
– Get enough sleep
– Go for your final dress fitting

The day before your wedding
– Pack everything you need for your wedding
– No parties the day before your wedding, you need to be well rested
– Get enough sleep (cannot emphasze this enough, you don’t want eye bags)

Wedding day
– Get up bright and early on your wedding day
– Have a light and filling breakfast
– Leave enough time for hair, makeup and pictures
– Smile, stand tall and be confident

The best advice i will give you is to HAVE FUN and soak in the moment.



Wura Manola, an international wedding and events planner, wedding blogger and wedding stylist!

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