There are no fixed rules for applying makeup and we all have our own preferred ways of doing things, but, it’s always interesting to read how other people go about it, so here is someone else’s idea of the 15 makeup application tips needed to create the perfect makeup look, let’s see if you agree!

Foundation beauty tips and tricks:

1. Moisturize your skin first

Before you apply any makeup at all, always moisturize your skin first. Not only does this stop your skin from drying out, it also helps foundation glide on more smoothly and don’t forget the sunscreen to protect your face too. When applying foundation, spread the color starting at the center of your face and gradually going outwards and be sure to turn your head from side to side and check under your chin for even coverage.

2. How to avoid cakey face?

How to avoid cakey face when using full coverage liquid foundation? Well, these types of foundations are not meant to be applied all over the face, apply your full coverage liquid foundation sparingly, only on the places that need coverage, such as on your cheeks, around your nose, etc…it will help you achieve flawless, yet natural makeup look.

3. Create your own custom made BB cream

If you want to have a light-weight, natural looking coverage, mix your foundation with your moisturizer or Shea butter at the back of your hand in proportions that you like (usually a pea size of moisturizer is enough), this will help you create your very own, custom made BB cream. You’ll get light weight coverage plus moisturizing properties…what else do we need, girls?!

4. Get glowing

If you want to add a beautiful glow to your face, try mixing your foundation with a little bit of liquid highlighter (less is more) and then apply it to your face, this will add beautiful sheen and radiance to your skin.

5. Brighten up your face with concealer

If your skin tone is a bit uneven, then apply concealer around your nose, mouth and under your eyes. You should pat concealer on, rather than smear it on, and it’s always a good idea to tip your head down slightly when you look in the mirror, rather than hold it up, this way you will be able to see the dark areas under your eyes easier and camouflage them better. Instead of blending concealer in every direction, apply it first straight under your eye and then go downward and sidewards, to create a triangular shape; this trick will help you hide dark circles a lot better and the triangle shape will help reflect the light and make your face appear fresher and brighter. This is one of those makeup tips from the pros that they like to use on celebrities.

Bronzer and blush beauty tips:

6. Suck in your cheeks and apply bronzer

If your skin needs a bit of color, then now is the time for a touch of bronzer and blush. Add a sweep of bronzer to give you that sun kissed look; suck in your cheeks and follow the lines of your cheekbones with your bronzer, remembering to take a step back from the mirror to make sure that the color is even on both cheeks; then for your rosy cheeks, apply some blush just on the apples and see – you are all glowing and fresh!

7. Cream or powder?

Avoid applying a powdery bronzer or a powder blush on top of your creamy liquid foundation, as this can cause stripes; apply creamy products on top of other creamy products (for example creamy blush on top of creamy foundation) and apply powders only on top of powdery products to achieve that flawless and beautiful makeup. If you have oily skin – use powders or oil free makeup products, as these will look better and last longer on your skin, and if you have dry skin – give your preference to creamy makeup products with dewy finish.

8. Create as many blush colors, as you like

Mix your lipstick with a little bit of your foundation at the back of your hand and apply it on your cheeks as a blush. This simple makeup trick opens doors to your creativity and helps you create as many blush colors, as you like, without spending extra cash.

Other makeup tips and tricks:

9. Stop the powder from settling in any fine lines

A light dusting of powder will help to set your makeup and stop your face from appearing shiny. To apply the powder, blow your cheeks out with air and apply your powder using a powder puff. Puffing out your cheeks will smooth out any fine lines and stop the powder from settling in them and accentuating their appearance. When you’re done, brush any excess powder away with a powder brush to finish off.

10. Tidy up your eyebrows

That’s your face ready and now it’s on to your eyebrows. If you are happy with the shape and size of your eyebrows, then just brush them upwards and outwards and apply some Shea butter to condition them, fix them in place and add some extra shine. If you think you need to add a little something to your brows, then first, check for any wayward hairs and tweeze out, then brush your brows with a brush or just your finger. You can fill any sparse spots with an eyebrow pencil, eyeshadow that corresponds with your hair color or use a brow gel; and for the final step – apply a little hairspray to a clean spoolie and brush through your brows to keep those little hairs in place.

10. How to apply eyeliner?

Next, apply the eyeliner. You know the trick about applying light colored eyeliner or eyeshadow to the inner corners of your eyes to make them appear more wide open and awake, but, equally, remember that dark colored eyeliner applied there will make your eyes look smaller. To apply eyeliner, raise your eyebrows up as far as you can, to make the job easier and steady your hand by placing your elbow on a table to avoid mistakes; then line your upper lash line with your eyeliner, staying as close to the lash line as possible; as a final step, set your eyeliner with an eyeshadow powder of the same color, by applying the eyeshadow right on top of the eyeliner, this will add intensity and help your makeup last longer.

11. Add eyeshadow and mascara

Apply some primer or powder to your eyelids first before applying your eyeshadow; this will help to stop the eyeshadow from creasing and disappearing into the creases. Then, looking into the mirror, tilt your head back a little, as this will help you see your entire lid and apply shadow from the base of your eyelashes to the place just over the crease. To finish off your eyes, curl your lashes and apply your favorite mascara, do a couple of coats to make your eyes stand out!

Beauty tips for your lips:

12. Get kissable

For smooth, soft and kissable mouth, exfoliate your lips with a mix of sugar and Shea butter before applying your lipstick. You know all the tricks for applying lipstick or gloss – just pull a kiss and off you go!

13. How to prevent lipstick from bleeding?

Run and blend some thick concealer around your mouth to help prevent your lipstick from bleeding. Whether you just apply a sweep of gloss or you go to town with a full mouth of lipstick and lip liner, just be sure to take some with you in your handbag, for a top up later on in the evening. And don’t forget to apply a touch of light shimmery eyeshadow to your cupid’s bow for that pretty and cute pout.

14. Quick red lip tip:

If you decided to go for a red lipstick, make sure to use one that looks good with your particular undertone. If your undertone is warm, then chose warmer reds, and if your undertone is cool – go for a red lipstick with cool undertone.

15. Your favorite scent

And finally, spritz your hairbrush with your favorite scent and brush your hair before you get out the door; it will make your hair smell wonderful during the whole day!

What are your favorite beauty secrets and makeup application tips? Please, share them in the comment section below.

Remember – beauty comes from within; so make sure to always stay happy and look at the bright side of things. As Audrey Hepburn once said: ‘Happy girls are the prettiest!’

Stay beautiful and smile often!