What to wear on a first date is an important question that needs to be addressed carefully. Making a good first impression is obviously important and how you are dressed along with how you smell, your body language, how you interact etc. will help you achieve this goal. This being said there are 10 rules that will guide you when dressing for your first date.

Dress comfortably

This is the most important thing to keep in mind when choosing your outfit. Going out of your comfort zone here in order to look sexier or more feminine (as we all tend to do) can be disastrous. You will just end up feeling uncomfortable and self-conscious and will be distracted from the conversation or the activity you are doing.  I don’t, however, mean to dress casually or dress down, just wear your favourite outfit versus the new one you just bought and never wore before. Also, make sure you can walk and dance in the heels you choose to wear, after all you never know where the night might take you

Dress for your body type

Considering your body type when choosing what to wear on a first date will emphasize your best features and conceal any imperfection you might have. This will make you feel more confident, beautiful and in control of your body. For example to elongate your short legs wear high waisted fitted skirt or pants. If you have inverted triangle body type make sure to keep the emphasis around your hips wearing a peplum top, bubble skirt or pleats and keep your broader upper body plain and simple. If you are not sure about your body type go here.

Dressing for your body type is always important especially when you are trying to make a good impression and look your absolute best. There are 5 main horizontal body types and 2 vertical body proportions.

Here are some suggestions of how to dress for your fist date according to your body.


This is the most proportionate body type. You can wear any silhouette and style as long as it is the right colour for you. Emphasize your waist line and the curve of the hip, these are your biggest assets. A chic and easy wrap dress is always a winning bid for fist date outfit, pair with your best heels and an elegant bag and you are ready to go not only looking stunning bit feeling comfortable too.


Create a balance between your smaller shoulders and the hips. The goal is to create visual illusion that your shoulders are wider and your hips are slimmer. Use lighter colours and details for your tops and keep your bottoms darker, plain and simple. A black pencil skirt and a lighter top emphasizing your shoulders will make your body proportionate and you look feminine and confident for your first date.


Your goal is to create volume and width around your hip area making your lower body look proportionate to your upper body. Wear darker colours on top and lighter on the bottom this will create an optical illusion of a wider lower body. Also wear bubble and tulip shapes skirts, pleats, prints ans details are all good options for your bottoms. A silk flowers skirt with a simple black top is a perfect outfit for you and your fist date.

Dress for your personality

When deciding what to wear on a fist date one of the most important thing to consider is your wardrobe personality and to be true to it. This way you will fully express who you are and feel yourself during the date. That is important because, honestly, how many times you have decided to try and reinvent yourself or try to look like someone who you are not, just because you wanted to please the guy? And this usually ends disastrous because first, you feel awkward and are not comfortable and second, because the man wants to know the “true you” not what you “think” will please him.

Many women tend to rely on their girlfriends for advice but this isn’t always the best thing to do. Different women have different ideas about what is best for a first date; some think you should impress the guy with your body and look sexy and sensual; others think that you should look ladylike and dressed up. The truth is you should look and feel yourself. If you have a natural wardrobe personality and like to dress more casually wouldn’t you feel super awkward to wear a mini, red, lace dress paired with 10 inch heels?  Or if you have a creative personality wouldn’t you want to show that with your outfit, after all first dates are to get to know each other better, not to pretend you are someone else.

There are 5 main wardrobe personalities and even if you have never thought of it you fall within one of them too. Most women are a mix of 2 or more of these personality styles but there is always one that dominates. Some women know their wardrobe personality very well, other dress according to their predominant style personality intuitively, and most have no clue what is their wardrobe personality simply because they have never thought about it.

If you are not sure which personality style you belong to click here.

Here are some suggesting for what to wear on a first date for your wardrobe personality:


You are friendly, outgoing, and down to earth…

Dress for the venue

Of course you will have to know where you are going and what you will be doing in order to decide what the most appropriate outfit is. If you are going to a restaurant check for any dress code, if you are doing outdoor activities just make sure you are comfortable and maybe focus more on your hair and makeup so you still look pretty and fresh but not overdressed for the occasion.

Do not overdo it

Another common mistake we all tend to do is to over-think and overdo it.  It is only normal that we want to look our best and to impress but this can lead you to making some unnatural for your personality choices. Again, be true to yourself and remember “less is more”. Guys, in general and despite what you might think, don’t like too much makeup, crazy nails and fancy outfits. Chances are 99% of them wouldn’t even remember what you were wearing at all. This is in fact a good think, it means that he was having a good time and was focused on YOU not on your appearance.