The perfect hairstyle is more than just an expensive, time consuming and ‘best stylist made’ hair! Prior to your booking a salon appointment, determine your face shape so you’ll know exactly what to ask for, as there are different styles that fit different face shapes better. Before discussing some of the hairstyles that fit different face shapes, it would be imperative to discuss the different types of face shapes and how to identify them.


There are many categories of face shapes, but I’ll be discussing seven common ones: round, square, oval, oblong, triangular, diamond, and heart shaped faces. There are different ways in determining one’s face shape, this article contains one of the ways, with pictures for better recognition:


  1. Stand in front of a mirror. Any large, stationary mirror will do. You should be able to easily reach it from a standing position in front of it – you’ll need to be able to draw on it without having to lean forward.

Stand looking directly forward into the mirror, with your back straight, your head high, and your shoulders back. If you have bangs, pull them out of the way.

Make sure the lighting is over head and not directional. Lighting will affect the shape you draw.


  1. Trace the outline of your face. Using lipstick, a bar of soap, chalk, a dry-erase marker, or some other non-permanent sketching tool, carefully trace the outline of your face in the mirror. Start from the bottom of your chin, proceed up the edge of your face on one side past your cheek bones, follow the curve of your hairline, go down the other side of your face, and end up back at your chin. Try to stay as still as possible while you do this.

Don’t include your ears – just the edges of your face.


  1. Judge your facial outline. Step back and look at the shape you’ve traced. Where is it widest? Is it tall or short? What shape are your jaw and forehead? Based on the answers to these questions, your face should fit in to one of the following categories:

Oblong: Your outline should roughly resemble a tall rectangle with rounded corners. Oblong faces have broad but even foreheads, cheekbones, and jaws.

Round: If your outline closely resembles a circle, with wide cheekbones and a tapering jaw and forehead, you might have a round face.

Square: Your outline should not be tall but should be wide at all points, with a broad forehead, strong cheekbones, and an angular jaw.

Oval: The forehead should be slightly broad, with narrower cheekbones and a tapering jawline.

Heart-shaped: These faces are characterized by a broad forehead, strong cheekbones, and a small chin.

Triangular: If your outline features a broad jaw but a small forehead, this might be the ticket.

Diamond: A diamond face differs from a round or oval face in that the cheekbones are significantly wider than the chin and forehead, which are both narrow.


  1. Clean the mirror. I know this point looks like it’s an obvious one that most people won’t forget, but sometimes, some obvious things are overlooked and we need a little reminder to do them. So, wash or wipe away any markings you’ve made, especially if you’re in a public restroom!


Now that you have identified your face shape, what remains is to note the hairstyles that fit your type of face better. That will be discussed in the next article.




Fatoye Joy is 300level law student of University of Ilorin. She writes articles for fashion magazines. She is a facial and fashion style model. She loves listening to music, reading novels and cooking. She is a Christian who loves God.


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