In the last article I mentioned how important colour is in fashion and how in some parts of the world today a particular colour trends for certain seasons. I mentioned colours yellow, green, blue and gray. That’s not our main focus in this article, our focus is on colours pink, red,   purple, brown and white  how they are well blended , what they represent and how they fit fair and dark people.


Pink is more feminine  it means cute, sweet, tender, it is the colour of tenderness. It is associated with sensuality and romance. Shades of pink includes fuscia  pink, baby pink, pale pink, rose pink, flamingo pink, watermelon pink, bubblegum pink, lemonade pink, blush pink,majenta pink, taffy pink, hot pink etc  the brighter shades of pink such as baby pink , taffy pink, blush pink looks good on fair people while the darker shades such as fuscia, majenta, rose pink suits dark people. Colours to pair with pink includes black, brown, ash,grey, yellow,purple and navy blue too



Purple means mysterious, luxury and romance.  Shades of purple includes mauve purple, lilac purple, orchid purple, grape purple, iris purple, violet purple, amethyst purple. Purple looks really good on fair people more. Though lilac, amethyst, lavender and other lighter shades of purple will look good on dark people too. Purple matches well with silver, yellow, brown, ash, black , different shades of gray and white



Red indicates passion, aggressiveness, importance and power. Wine is a type of red as well, cherry red, rose red, crimson red, candy red, lipstick red, brick red, apple red, jam red , blood red etc dark shades of red looks good on fair skinned people. Shades of red such as candy red, ruby red, apple red, blush red look better on dark skinned people. Colours to pair with red includes Brown, silver,  gray, black, deep shades of blue and white.

Brown means earthy, sturdy, rustic, it looks good on majorly dark people. There are however a few shades that will look good on fair skin. e.g chocolate brown, cedar or wood brown Other shades of brown includes peanut, coffee, caramel, walnut, penny, tortilla, cinnamon. Brown can be combined well with various colours yellow, red, black, purple, green etc


White represents health, cleanliness as well as virtue.  It appears unbelievable but there are different shades of white. Some of them includes  Pearl white, snow white, lace white, powder white, salt white, cotton white, cream white, rice white, egg shell white etc white suits all skin colours.


Hope this article has been beneficial, don’t forget to always wear what you feel comfortable and classy in!