There are millions of people in the world and almost everyone is concerned about fashion sense. We all have different likes and desires  but almost everyone wants to rock what is in vogue whether they can afford it or not. At the same time there are a few dynamic individuals who do not mind rocking what was in vogue 2years ago in a chic manner. This are the people who set the trends in fashion, they are the ones who give an in-depth meaning to classy; they don’t necessarily care who is looking , as long as they are comfortable and smart in what they are wearing, they are good to go.

Some 8 or 9 years ago, Ankara designs started making waves in west Africa, since then Ankara has been used as everyday wear, special occasions (Aso ebi) wears and so on. Styles and designs made with this fabric have evolved over the years. First Ankara fabrics were used to make trendy styles alone,  this got in vogue for long such that even Hollywood musicians were caught rocking Ankara wears.

 Ankara styles were later mixed with lace, silk, sequence, sequins, chiffon and so on.  Then years after Ankara was used to make bags, shoes, earrings, bangles and so on it became stylish and trendy to wear matching bags and shoes made from the same Ankara wears. Today not much is seen of Ankara bags and shoes since the Dorateymur, Baldini,  Jimmy choo, American Eagle designers have refused to give up.


What remains astonishing is the fact that majority of ankara styles, gowns, blouses, jackets and so on have remained  till today, looking back at the styles of 2012 and today’s styles,  one won’t even notice any change in trends. In fact some styles then are trendier than some of today’s styles. My point exactly?  Classy, not only vogue is what matters most in fashion. This doesn’t only apply to Ankara wears but every kind of wears and other aspect of fashion , being classy is key no matter what you are wearing.  It is also paramount that one wears what one feels comfortable and beautiful in.


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