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Even if you consider yourself a stylish person, you are prone to making some particular fashion faux pas every now and then.

These fashion mistakes are so common that we’ve somehow convinced ourselves that they don’t really matter anymore, but deep down in our hearts, we know we ought to do away with them.

We don’t pay much attention to them, such that after making and regretting them, we forget about them until we find ourselves making the same mistakes again, and these go on in an endless circle.

The first step in avoiding these fashion mistakes, is to consciously identify and accept that they are fashion faux pas that we should do away with. It is then, we start making efforts to avoid them.

This article contains few of them which are common to almost all. Now, a good fashionista will not only stop at reading these fashion mistakes and avoiding them, but would also make a list of the mistakes that are peculiar to him or her and start to avoid making them again.

Some of these fashion faux pas are:



When you get an invitation to attend a big event, instead of heading to a store you can count on, with plenty of lead time, you refine a list of reasons not to shop: I dont know what to get. I dont have the time/money/energy. Maybe theres some­thing in my closet I can wear!

But, at the last minute, you panic and race to make a purchase, perhaps plunking down extra cash for express shipping or deliveryto end up with something pricey that you dont love and may never wear again. You dont look your best, and you feel bad for overspending.

To avoid making this mistake, as soon as you get an invitation, schedule time to figure out what to wear. Decide if you want to buy a new dress, wear the one you have already or sew a new one at your tailor’s place. This will give you enough time to get the dress you picture yourself wearing to that event and to also look your best as any adjustment needed would have been noticed and corrected.



Sales and special offers cause you to lose your mind. Budgeting and good sense leave the building. You end up with clothes that you dont need, would never wear, and dont even look good in. All because you see the reduction in prices of those clothes as opportunity to buy more of them with less money, of which at the end of the day, you end up spending more than you would have ordinarily spent on buying clothes.


So before you click buy or bolt to the checkout counter, pause. Reflect. Is it the thrill of the bargain that youre responding to or the item itself? Ask your­self, If this were full price, would I still want it? Do I need it?


And take a second to consider what else you could spend that cash on if you didnt spend it here. If youre good with the answers you come up with, then proceed with confidence.



Piling multiple tops onto a single hanger, over­-stuffing drawers, and cramming hanging rods so tightly that the jaws of life are required to extract clothes. Plumbing the depths feels so overwhelming, you default to grabbing whats just out of the laundrywhich means that you end up wearing the same things over and over and over again.

Take time to arrange your closet regularly, even if it isn’t disorganized yet. You will discover some clothes you’ve forgotten you had and you would feel better for looking different.



Carrying your everyday bag to a wedding, weekend party, office, classroomyou know, failing to change your bag regardless of season or occasion. You tell yourself that you cant be bothered. (Its such a pain! Who wants to think about it?) But inside you know that its an easy fix that will make a difference. Still, assembling (or paring down to) the right collection can be tricky. So the thought cycle continues.

It’s not so hard to avoid making this mistake. Bear it in mind that, that your lovely dress will not be complete without a good bag. This will help you to also invest in buying bags alongside clothes. You could also get bags with neutral colors like white, black, that would match almost every dress.



You fall for a piece of clothing, but the sleeves or the hem is a little longor theres some gaping at the waist. You tell your­self that its fine, no one will notice. And besides, you already paid so much for it, how can you justify spending more on tailoring?

Or while wearing a shirt, one of the buttons get removed, but you still wore it and refused to replace the button(no one will notice, you said to yourself.)

Alteration aversion can be chalked up to plain old laziness. (Who needs another errand?) But the truth is, you doto look more pulled­ together and feel more confident.

Ask around for a good local tailor, so that youll always have someone at the ready. And when you back­slide and are tempted to skip the alterations, remind yourself that fit is a key component of style. If Michelle Obama’s trousers hadnt sat just right on her waist and skimmed her shoes just so, she would have been a schlump instead of an icon.




Your panty lines arent just visible through your clingy skirttheyre unmissable. Youre spilling out of the top or sides of your bra, and the lace cups are making your shirt stick where it should slide. Your shapewear is squeezing you like a sausage casing, you cant remember the last time you didnt have a wedgie, and you feel deeply unsexy.

The solution isn’t farfetched. First, see a bra fitter at least once a year. Bodies are constantly changing, and skilled guides are at your servicefree.

Second, explore the vast array of seamless panties. (Buy a single pair of a few different styles, then stock up on the winners.) Third, know that shapewear should not torture you. The key is to opt for breathable, lightweight raw­-edge pieces and select the size that you really are. Remember that underthings have a limited life span. Stretched­-out elastic and wires that poke through are signs that items are ready for the trash. (Once the garments are purged from your drawer, theres no chance youll accidentally wear them.)

And, finally, as you restock, think about matched sets and pieces in your favorite colors.Then the first things you put on in the morning will make you feel comfortable, confident, and attractive. And that will make a happy difference in your day.



Fatoye Joy is 300level law student of University of Ilorin. She writes articles for fashion magazines. She is a model and an usher. She also does private tutoring of primary school pupils and secondary school students. She loves listening to music, reading novels and cooking. She is a Christian who loves God.


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