Much like furnishing a new house and building a solid wardrobe can be both costly and daunting. We all know the economy is what it is. Day after day, event after event, we constantly find ourselves investing in more modernized items that many of us come to struggle with. I have included a super budget-friendly item to get you by beauty.


Don’t get me wrong, but sometimes I think girls go overboard at the price of being cute. That brings me to this. I saw an Ankara skirt I hadn’t worn in like forever. It hit me, the lifestyle Skechers that I had, actually had purple laces which matched perfectly with my skirt. I went with a simple plain vest, a little grey cardigan and finally a bowler hat to complete my look. And that ladies and gents are simply how you look effortlessly chic! This is definitely one of those looks anyone can pull off over the weekend and still remain chic yet comfortable so hey, now you know more than one way to pair your Skechers.


There’s just something about Friday that gets me feeling some type of way whether I’m in school, holiday or working because Friday is just Friday! And my mind is bound to shut down by midday. Anyone relating to this? Being a Friday of course my outfit had to match my mood hence casual Friday. For me, nothing screams casual more than tights with a hint of formal wear. Usually, I’d pick denim over tights especially for a workplace environment but this weather dictates otherwise. It’s like 100 degrees out here and to be honest, denim is the last thing on my mind right now. Today, I’m going for tights, and half tucked in chiffon top(just to make it less ordinary) a blazer, silver box clutch, and some gorgeous strappy sandal heels because of the outfit just needed heels.


I sometimes feel like my mantra in life could be All you need in life is some good lipstick you can conquer the world’. Let’s talk about lipstick. On any day, you’re highly likely to find me in Matte lipstick. Main reason being, I don’t need to touch it up all day. I mean, we live in an extremely busy hectic world and the last thing on your mind is the thought of constantly touching up your lipstick every now and then. Unfortunately, in as much as Matte lipstick does the job, it could get a bit drying. In fact, I’m well aware that Matte lippies aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. So when I got my hands one the Pauline Cosmetics Busumate range, creamy and moist is exactly what every girl needs on some days! I have been wearing different shades of the Busumate Collection on a daily since I got my hands on them and I absolutely love it so far so good. The fact that I can literally have it on for around 12 hours without feeling the need to overly moisturize my lips overnight, is a win for me. The creamy texture with Shea butter feels amazing on my lips. I would definitely recommend this collection to anyone who loves a good long wear lipstick.


Hair extensions are more popular and commonly used all over the world. Many women want long luscious hair that would make them look good and more comfortable on their own skin colour. It is easy to buy clip-in hair extensions which you can perfectly attach them and remove as well at home. There are other hair extensions which you can be fitted easily at the salons but there are a number of supplies that are used that one needs to invest.

Some of the supplies are:

-Heat Protection spray: Used for straightening or curling the hair extension as well as blow drying.

-Spare hair extensions clips: Ideal for clip-in hair extensions as the clips may become loose or even break

-Micro Rings: They are metal rings that attach the hair extensions to the natural hair. Pliers are needed to tighten the rings.

-Hair extension pliers: they are used to close the metal rings that attach the hair extensions to the natural hair.

-Bonding glue and remover: They are used to attach hair extensions as well as removing them from the natural hair.

-Leave in conditioner: It adds softness and shiny appearance to the hair and ensures it to remain at a good state.

-Soft bristle brush: Used to brush the hair extension and make it look silky.

Be confident and unique in your own style. Never try to be like someone else because everybody is different out there. Chose your own style and rock it till you make it. Never choose pricey. Be basic but still simple.

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